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March 13 @ 11:15 CET

Professionals dedicated to advancing sustainable development are always looking for innovative ways to make a positive impact. With Web3’s cutting-edge features, we have the opportunity to drive greater inclusion, transparency, and awareness than ever before. Imagine the potential of seamless transactions, collaborative decision-making, and automation, all powered by the evolution of Web3. It’s an exciting time for development, and we’re eager to explore how we can use Web3 to drive progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

This workshop is designed to provide an overview of Web3 and its potential to create positive change. While skepticism surrounding the development of new technologies is common, it is important to recognize the solutions they can offer to global challenges and their potential to create positive change. Panellists will discuss how Web3 can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, share examples of how new technologies are advancing development, and empower change-makers to drive additional impact through collective discussion and shared experiences.

Throughout the panel, experts will break down Web3’s complexities and present real-world applications of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Decentralization, Big Data, NFTs, and Metaverses. From democratising education to building smart cities, Web3 is changing the way we approach the Sustainable Development Goals. By facilitating interactive discussions on practical initiatives and their impact, this workshop will further explore the potential of Web3, inspire collective action, and shape the future of development.

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March 13
11:15 CET
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