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March 13 @ 10:00 CET

Raising Environmental Awareness in the Classroom
Education plays a vital role in preparing children and young people for the future, equipping them with important skills, knowledge, and values. However, complex subjects such as diversity, sustainability can be difficult to teach. Storytelling helps students understand these challenging subjects by conveying complex information in an engaging and easy to understand format. When students participate in the process of storytelling, they can share their perspectives and find solutions to complex challenges. By incorporating technology into the storytelling process, students can create their own stories in an immersive, multisensory and interactive environment, developing their digital and creative skills, while also building empathy for their subject matter.
In this session, we will examine the use of Extended Reality (XR) technology developed in the EU funded projects GreenSCENT (Grant no. 101036480) and MediaVerse (Grant No 957252) to raise awareness on environmental and diversity issues in the classroom, taking the example of a workshop carried out with 20 secondary school students between the ages of 15-16, in Barcelona, Spain as part of the ITACA campus initiative. Using both the GreenVerse and the MediaVerse platforms. These platform share the same functions as interactive and immersive storytelling set of tools. Students were asked to identify and propose solutions to an environmental issue. Divided into groups of five, students created their own interactive story, drawing on a mixture of 360 and 2D videos and photographs. In this session, we will describe the methodology and results of the workshop, drawing on group discussions and students’ stories as our main research data. We will end this workshop by reflecting on the results of this initiative and suggest possible ways in which to integrate interactive and immersive storytelling digital tools into mainstream teaching as a way to raise environmental awareness and foster empathy for people with disabilities.

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March 13
10:00 CET
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