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WSIS Forum 2023: Enabling the Net Zero Transition – Harnessing ICT solutions to reduce GHG emissions

March 17th, 2023 @ 12:00 CET

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Organizations across sectors are establishing strategies to increase their decarbonization efforts. Many parties have brought forward the potential of ICT solutions to reduce the GHG emissions of other sectors and foster the transition to Net Zero. ICT and digital technologies can enable efficiencies in lifestyle and in all sectors of the economy by providing solutions that can improve energy efficiency, promoting circular economy, inventory and transportation management, and business efficiency by reducing travel and transportation and by substituting physical products for digital information. One important use of ICT solutions refers to its ability to provide a virtual presence in meetings and events, thereby reducing travel-related emissions. During the pandemic, this type of solution was critical to keep society up and running. Many organizations and event organizers are eager to reduce their travel-related emissions and need a methodology to monitor such emissions.

This session introduces a new methodology for comprehensively assessing the impacts of ICT solutions. It will highlight ICT solutions and implementations that can enable rapid decarbonization and Net Zero no later than 2050 at a planetary level. It will also acknowledge the need to identify the neutral or adverse effects of ICTs. Additionally, it will present the ongoing standardization work on the Methodology for estimating GHG emissions in the frame of virtual meetings and events. The session will also take into consideration relevant decisions based on COP27 and the Sharm el Sheikh Action Plan.

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March 17th, 2023
12:00 CET
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